why wont my computer connect to the internet

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When a computer won’t connect to the internet,a few basic troubleshooting steps will help determine the root cause. The problem is often related to thewireless router or the actual cable delivering the internet. In some cases,however,the computer hardware,network-related issues or conflicting IP addresses are causing the problem.

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  • Why is my internet connection not working properly?

  • Perhaps your computer Internet connection is not working properly if there鈥檚 something wrong with your computer network settings. You should try resetting them and see if this works for you. On your computer, click the Start button and type 鈥?cmd 鈥?

  • Why can’t I connect to WiFi on my computer?

  • If your unable to connect to Wifi at all and you have an Ethernet Connection Icon: — Right Click on the Ethernet Connection Icon — Select Open Network and Sharing Center — Go to Set up a new connection or network (First option) — Select Connect to the Internet (First option)

  • What to do if you can’t connect to the Internet?

  • Check the computer for malware and remove any found. On Windows computers, try resetting the network connection. Reboot the computer. Contact Your Internet Service Provider. Those using satellite internet service may notice they can’t connect to the internet during periods of extreme weather.

  • Why won鈥檛 my iPhone connect to the Internet?

  • To check if your wireless adapter is enabled on other Apple devices, check your settings to make sure the device isn鈥檛 in airplane mode and that Wi-Fi connectivity is on. On Android devices, check your settings to make sure the device鈥檚 airplane mode is off and that Wi-Fi is on. 3.

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