why won’t my bluetooth headphones connect to my computer

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Damaged bluetooth dongle

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  • How to fix Bluetooth headphones not working on Windows 10?

  • On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key, then type Bluetooth in the search bar, select Bluetooth and other devices settings from the lists of results. Under Bluetooth other devices, select your Bluetooth headphones and click Remove device. Then click Yes to confirm your action. Wait a few seconds and then reconnect your Bluetooth headphones.

  • Why won’t my Bluetooth device connect to my computer?

  • In any case, it’s a good practice to make sure your devices are fully charged or plugged into a power source if you have trouble getting both to connect. If you have problems with Bluetooth on Windows, it could be disabled in the system settings. The same issue can cause Bluetooth problems on Macs.

  • Why do my Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting from my computer?

  • If you connect the bluetooth headphones with your PC via a bluetooth dongle, the problem can be caused by a damaged bluetooth dongle. You can try to use a different bluetooth dongle and see if the problem persists.

  • Why won鈥檛 my Headphones connect to my phone?

  • There are two common causes of headphones-related failure to connect. These are: The battery level is getting too low. The Bluetooth setup needs to be reset. If these aren鈥檛 the problem, you will have to contact the manufacturer for the warranty or bring your headphones to a professional.

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