why wont my airpods stay connected to my computer

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Another simple explanation for why your AirPods aren’t working with your PC is thatthe devices haven’t paired. To connect your AirPods to you computer over Bluetooth,open your AirPods case and press the button located on the back. When the case’s front light shines white,your AirPods are ready to pair.

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  • Why won’t my AirPods connect to Windows 10?

  • Airpods won’t connect to PC (windows 10) anymore. 1 1. Press Windows+R and enter devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager. 2 2. Click the View tab and sort it to Devices by type. 3 3. Then select Human Interface Devices. 4 4. Look for the ff: 5 5. Right-click on each one and select Properties. More items

  • How to fix AirPods keep disconnecting?

  • Airpods keep disconnecting on Windows PC Right-click on your Start button and click Device Manager. Access Device Manager Click on View, and ensure that 鈥楧evices by type鈥?is the chosen option. Expand the Human Interface Devices section, and you will find two entries: 鈥?lt;Name AirPods Audio/Video …

  • Why do my AirPods randomly turn off?

  • If your AirPods are randomly cutting off from Windows, rest assured, you鈥檙e not the only one experiencing this issue. This glitch seems to occur more frequently when you鈥檙e watching a movie or listening to music. If you go to Bluetooth settings, Windows usually says your AirPods are connected.

  • Can I Use my AirPods on my computer?

  • The Real Fix. While especially convenient when connected to Apple products, AirPods are a great audio option for any device or operating system with Bluetooth capabilities. Even if you use a Windows computer, your AirPods should work as a Bluetooth headset as long as they’re paired properly.

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