why is youtube blocked on my school computer

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  • Why is YouTube blocked?

  • The above two are the main reason because of which authorities blocked YouTube so that no one can access it and avoid the suffering of the bandwidth. But what if YouTube is blocked but you still want to access it. So now the question which you should be asking is whether it is possible to unblock the blocked YouTube videos or not?

  • Can I access YouTube if my school has blocked it?

  • But if a school has blocked YouTube specifically it can be difficult to get access. We say difficult and not impossible as there are a few key workarounds that can get you up and running with video support. 1. Use a VPN to get YouTube

  • How to unblock YouTube on your school computer?

  • But if you just want to unblock YouTube on your school network or computer, just install a proxy extension or head to a proxy provider website, connect to a virtual location of your choice, and done. This is another yet effective makeshift that can help you unblock YouTube on your school computer.

  • How to open YouTube when blocked in office?

  • Open YouTube when Blocked in Office. 1 1. Check if YouTube is up or not. The very first thing that you should do is to ensure whether or not YouTube is up. There are times when websites go … 2 2. Check host file. 3 3. Open YouTube using IP. 4 4. Use proxy. 5 5. Use Google Public DNS or Open DNS. More items

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