why is computer science math

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Mathmatters for computer science because it teaches students how to use abstract language,work with algorithms,self-analyze their computational thinking,and accurately modeling real-world solutions.

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  • How important is mathematics in Computer Science?

  • For years, the importance of mathematics in computer science has been quite a controversial topic. Some people believe that mathematics is important for computer science students. Others see it as a subject that adds only little value in computer science.

  • Is math necessary to be able to program a computer?

  • Math is not necessary to be able to program a computer. However, math is very important to engineering and science, and there are just some places that you cannot access with a computer unless you have a solid foundation in logic, critical-thinking and abstract mathematics.

  • Why is computer math a specialized field?

  • Computer Math is a specialized field because the way computers have been designed has created a focus on mathematics involving Base 2, 8 and other number systems, and a focus on Algorithm designed and efficient use of algorithms. The study of Cryptology is almost 100% mathematics.

  • Should mathematics be embedded in Computer Science?

  • Oftenly, most schools and colleges embed mathematics into computer science. However, they rarely inform students why they are doing so. They just do this as a basic routine. This makes most students feel short-changed.

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