why can’t i hear anything on my computer

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The possible reasons for causing PC no sound could beWindows update,improper settings,driver issues,connection issues,and so on. But whatever the cause is,you should take actions immediately when there鈥檚 no sound from computer.

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  • Why can鈥檛 I hear audio on my computer?

  • Why Can’t I Hear Audio on My Computer? 1 Step 1. Check the sound card. Click the blue Start button. Click Control Panel. Click System and Security. Click Device Manager. Double-click … 2 Step 2. 3 Step 3.

  • How do I troubleshoot the sound on my computer?

  • Running the Audio Troubleshooter Right-click the Start menu and select System. This opens your computer’s settings. Click Sound. It’s near the top of the left column. Click Troubleshoot. It’s below the volume slider near the top of the right panel. Select the audio device you want to troubleshoot.

  • How do I know if my PC has a sound card?

  • This displays a list of devices connected to your PC. Scroll down and click the arrow next to Sound, video, and game controllers. Right-click your sound card and select Properties. Your sound card might be called something like Realtek High Definition Audio. Click the Driver tab.

  • Why is there no sound coming from my speakers?

  • Some speakers have more than one input, too. Some computers have multiple 鈥渟ound devices鈥?installed. Some of these are capable of outputting sound and some are not, so you should check that you have the correct sound device selected. This might involve some trial-and-error to choose the right one.

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