why are government computers so slow

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  • Why is my computer running slower than normal?

  • What Causes A Computer To Slow Down Over Time? If your computer is running slower than normal, there may be a number of causes, ranging from outdated software to insufficient hardware. Keep reading to learn about the most common causes of computer lag and what you can do to fix it. Why Your Computer Is Running Slow (And How To Speed It Up)

  • Why is the government lagging behind in technology?

  • The government lags far behind current technology outside the islands of modernization created by high-profile projects. In 2012, according to documents obtained by MuckRock, the Drug Enforcement Agency’s standard server platform was still Windows Server 2003.

  • Is a slow computer hurting your business?

  • A slow computer can hurt your business鈥?bottom line鈥攖he minutes spent waiting for the computer to do what it needs to do add up to hours (or even days) each month of unproductive time.

  • Is Windows Server 2003 still good enough for government work?

  • One hint: Windows Server 2003 is still good enough for government work. The rocky launch of the Department of Health and Human Services’ HealthCare.gov is the most visible evidence at the moment of how hard it is for the federal government to execute major technology projects.

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