where to trash old computers

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As always,check with yourlocal government and any electronics stores in your area. Many towns and cities might have e-waste days of the month,where you can go and drop off your old electronics to be recycled. The EPA website also contains information on IT and equipment recycling programs.

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  • Can you dump laptops in a trash can?

  • So, avoid the temptation of dumping used and old laptops, tablets, or computers in a trash can. There are other better ways to dispose of them. 2. Dumped computers may sit in landfills for years

  • Where to recycle old computers?

  • After your computer is clean, you can trade in your old computer, recycle old computer for cash, or throw it away if it鈥檚 totally useless. As for where to recycle old computers, you can search in Google Chrome browser to find some computer recycling centers near you.

  • How can I safely dispose of my computer?

  • Windows computers may have a built-in tool you can use to securely overwrite data. Apple offers instructions for how to clean their hard drives. Consumer Reports also says securely erasing files can take several hours or days to complete, so keep that in mind when planning to dispose of the device. Should You Trade In or Donate Your Computer?

  • Where can I Recycle my old gadgets?

  • Whatever the reason, you’ve got gadgets that need to go. Here’s where to bring them for responsible, ecological, and (mostly) free recycling. Many towns, cities, counties, and states have their own e-cycling programs that offer convenient drop-off locations for old computers, big monitors, and other electronics.

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