where to trash old computers

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Most towns and cities have drop-off locations for computer recycling, and many computer retailers, such asStaples, offer recycling or trade-in services. If you have a lot of computer equipment to dispose of, there are even professional services that will come to your office to pick up your old tech.

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  • How to safely dispose of old computers?

  • To make sure you dispose of old computers and hardware safely, follow these steps. 1. Backup your data. Before you do anything, backup your hard drive so you don鈥檛 lose any data. You can make an archive of your computer鈥檚 data on an external hard drive, or back it up to the cloud.

  • Where can I Recycle my old computer for free?

  • Computer Recycling Pickup Many of the charitable organizations that accept electronics, including computers, may even offer free pickup of your items. If they do not directly provide pickup, they might be partnered with a company like Junk King or 1-800-GOT JUNK, who specialize in picking up your junk and responsibly recycling it.

  • Where can I Recycle my Old monitor?

  • Staples technology recycling program accepts any computer regardless of the brand or where it was bought. Simply drop off your items at the front desk for free recycling, including monitors. A quick rundown of some companies that offer 鈥渢akeback鈥?programs or mail-in electronics recycling.

  • Where can I Recycle my old gadgets?

  • Whatever the reason, you’ve got gadgets that need to go. Here’s where to bring them for responsible, ecological, and (mostly) free recycling. Many towns, cities, counties, and states have their own e-cycling programs that offer convenient drop-off locations for old computers, big monitors, and other electronics.

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