where can i get a computer monitor

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  • What should I consider when buying a monitor for my computer?

  • Before investing in a new monitor to use with your computer, make sure both devices support the same type of connection. For example, don’t buy a monitor that has an HDMI port when your computer is only capable of accepting a VGA connection.

  • Where can I donate a computer monitor?

  • World Computer Exchange 鈥?this is an international organization tied to over 450 partner organizations worldwide. They do have some criteria to meet to accept your donation. Goodwill Organizations 鈥?collects, repairs, and then sells donated computers, and they also accept monitors.

  • What is a computer monitor?

  • The monitor is the piece of computer hardware that displays the video and graphics information generated by the computer through the video card. Monitors are very similar to televisions but usually display information at a much higher resolution. Also unlike televisions, monitors are not usually mounted on a wall but instead sit atop a desk.

  • How does a monitor work?

  • General Monitor Description On a desktop computer, the monitor connects via a cable to a port on the computer’s video card or motherboard. Even though the monitor sits outside the main computer housing, it’s an essential part of the system.

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