when was computers invented

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  • What is the history of computer?

  • As we know in 19 century Charles Babbage the famous Mathematics professor had its beginning. He designed Analytical Engine (first mechanical computer) successor of the Difference Engine (automatic mechanical calculator) which is known as a basic framework for today鈥檚 computer.

  • Who invented the digital computer?

  • The concept of a digital programmable computer was originated by Charles Babbage an English mechanical engineer and mathematician. Babbage designed the Difference Engine in the early 1820s, which eventually led to more complex electronic designs in the early 19th century.

  • Who invented computer science?

  • Alan Turing invented computer science. The ENIAC (1945) was the first electronic general-purpose digital computer, it filled a room. The Micral N was the world鈥檚 first 鈥減ersonal computer鈥?1973).

  • What are some early computer inventions?

  • Early inventions that lead up to the computer, such as the abacus, astrolabe, slide rule, clocks, calculator, and tablet machines, are not accounted for on this page. When was the word computer first used? First mechanical computer or automatic computing engine concept. First general-purpose computer.

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