when was computers invented

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  • What is the history of computer?

  • The History of Computers 1 The Language Before the Hardware. The universal language in which computers carry out processor instructions originated in the 17th century in the form of the binary numerical system. 2 The Earliest Processors. … 3 Dawn of Modern Computers. … 4 Transitioning Toward Transistors. …

  • Who invented the first mechanical computer?

  • English mathematician Charles Babbage is credited with having assembled the first mechanical computers 鈥?at least technically speaking. His early 19th century machines featured a way to input numbers, memory, a processor and a way to output the results.

  • Who invented the digital computer?

  • The concept of a digital programmable computer was originated by Charles Babbage an English mechanical engineer and mathematician. Babbage designed the Difference Engine in the early 1820s, which eventually led to more complex electronic designs in the early 19th century.

  • What is the most important invention that led to the PC?

  • But one of the most significant of the inventions that paved the way for the PC revolution was the microprocessor. Before microprocessors were invented, computers needed a separate integrated-circuit chip for each one of their functions. (This was one reason the machines were still so large.)

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