what to do in class when bored with a computer

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  • What to do when you鈥檙e bored in class?

  • And now, on a more serious note, for those who don鈥檛 want to get in trouble, here are some things you can do when you are bored in class: Actually try to listen to your teacher.

  • What to do on the computer when you are bored?

  • One of the most productive things to do on the computer when you are bored is to learn something new. A new language is always on your New Year鈥檚 resolution list, but somehow you never get to do it. Start now. 35. Organize your reading list If you don鈥檛 have a reading list 鈥?create one. And then organize it. 36. Browse for books to read.

  • Do you ever get bored with PC games?

  • If you are very much into PC games, then boredom is never a feeling you will get. There are thousands and thousands of games online and CDs that will let you play on the computer and even on console. There are a lot of companies that produce games like EA Sports, Miniclip, Tencent games, first touch, voodoo, etc.

  • How to make your class time more productive and fun?

  • This is not about blowing off the whole class. It鈥檚 about making better use of your time, while allowing your teacher to think you鈥檙e still listening and taking notes. Desperate times and all. May the ideas here make your class time more productive and more fun.

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