what should a technician do before working on a computer

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What should a technician do before working on a computer?Remove any watch and jewelry.Check the surrounding area for trip hazards.Ensure that the computer is free of viruses.Remove all cables except the power cable. Answers Explanation Hints: Before working on equipment remove all watches or other jewelry and secure loose items such as ties and name …

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  • What does a computer technician do?

  • They are responsible for assisting clients in software installations, troubleshooting needs, and repair needs. Computer technicians handle the maintenance and repair of both software and hardware of computers. They should be able to quickly pinpoint the causes of computer problems that the client encounters.

  • What traits are needed to be a computer technician?

  • Another trait important for fulfilling Computer Technician duties is Listening skills. According to a Computer Technician resume, Support workers must be able to understand the problems that their customers are describing and know when to ask questions to clarify the situation.

  • Do computer technicians have a college degree?

  • In fact, some Computer Technicians have a college degree. But about one out of every four Computer Technicians didn’t attend college at all. Those Computer Technicians who do attend college, typically earn either a Computer Science degree or a Computer Information Systems degree.

  • What does an Information Technology Technician do?

  • Experience in troubleshooting hardware, software, and all windows operating systems. Assisted customers in all areas of computer usage from software installation and training to hardware configuration and maintenance. Information Technology Technician2010 – 2020

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