what is tpm in computer

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Trusted Platform Module

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  • What is TPM in Windows 11?

  • TPM is short for Trusted Platform Module, which is a security feature for protecting your Windows operating system. With the release of Windows 11 and the announcement of the Windows 11 system requirements, TPM draws much attention of the public.

  • What is TPM and what is it for?

  • What is TPM? Here鈥檚 what you need to know to run Windows 11 Microsoft just released Windows 11, and a lot of PC builders are tripped up by an odd system requirement: TPM 2.0. A TPM, or Trust Platform Module, is a dedicated processor that handles hardware-level encryption.

  • What is the most recent version of TPM?

  • The TPM standard has been updated over the years, and its most recent release is TPM 2.0, which was released in October 2014. Windows 11 revealed 鈥?all the changes coming to Microsoft’s next-gen Windows OS What is a TPM? A Trusted Platform Module is a microchip that is often built into a computer to provide hardware-based security.

  • What is TPM and why is it on my Motherboard?

  • Typically, it’s a separate chip on the motherboard though the TPM 2.0 standard allows manufacturers like Intel or AMD to build the TPM capability into their chipsets rather than requiring a separate chip. TPM has been around for over 20 years, and has been part of PCs since around 2005.

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