what is saas in cloud computing

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  • What is software as a service (SaaS)?

  • Software as a Service, or SaaS, is among the three most important cloud computing categories, alongside IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). A software delivery model, SaaS, is offered by cloud service providers that host various applications in the cloud and make them accessible to users via the Internet.

  • What are the characteristics of SaaS service model?

  • Here are the characteristics of SaaS service model: SaaS makes the software available over the Internet. The software applications are maintained by the vendor. The license to the software may be subscription based or usage based. SaaS applications are cost-effective since they do not require any maintenance at end user side.

  • What is IaaS PaaS SaaS in cloud computing?

  • Iaas PaaS Saas in cloud computing are three services providers that provide benefits and capabilities to their targeted users based on their core components. The core features that distinguish IaaS Paas SaaS cloud from each other have been enlisted below:

  • What are the benefits of SaaS?

  • The SaaS application deployment requires a little or no client side software installation, which results in the following benefits: The customer can have single license for multiple computers running at different locations which reduces the licensing cost.

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