what is computational pathology

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Burgeoning subspecialty in pathology

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  • How can computational pathology be used to improve the practice of Pathology?

  • How can computational pathology be used to improve the practice of pathology? Pathologists taking more of a leadership position within their institutions is key to the success of computational pathology as it require deep changes within the lab.

  • What is digital pathology and how does it work?

  • Digital pathology includes the process of digitizing histopathology, immunohistochemistry or cytology slides using whole-slide scanners as well as the interpretation, management, and analysis of these digitized whole-slide images using computational approaches.

  • What are the three essential elements of computational pathology?

  • The establishment of the entire industry of computational pathology requires far-reaching changes of the three essential elements connecting patients and doctors: the local laboratory, the scan center, and the central cloud hub/portal for data processing and retrieval.

  • What is a computational pathology developer team?

  • Fig. 7: Computational pathology team. A computational pathology developer team includes pathologists to establish a clinically relevant issue, data scientists to develop and train the algorithm, and engineer to support the operating environment.

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