what is an air gap computer

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Isolated from unsecured networks

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  • What is air gapping in computer network?

  • The term 鈥渁ir gapping鈥?refers to the idea that there is a gap of air between the computer and other networks. It isn鈥檛 connected to them and it can鈥檛 be attacked over the network.

  • What is the difference between an air-gapped and true air gapped computer?

  • An air-gapped computer is isolated from unsecured networks, meaning that it is not directly connected to the internet, nor is it connected to any other system that is connected to the internet. A true air gapped computer is also physically isolated, meaning data can only be passed to it physically (via USB,…

  • What is air gap defense technology and how does it work?

  • Essentially, an 鈥楢ir Gap Defense Technology鈥?refers to the absence of a wireless connection into a network connection or computer system. It means that a hacker cannot 鈥榳irelessly鈥?hijack your network, computer systems, smartphone, laptop, or the WI-FI router.

  • Why do we need air-gapped computers?

  • They need computers to operate their industrial systems. However, those computers don鈥檛 have to be exposed to the internet and network鈥攖hey鈥檙e 鈥渁ir-gapped鈥?for security. This blocks all network-based threats, and the only downside is that their operators have to be physically present to control them. You could air gap computers at home, too.

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