what is a power supply computer

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Abbreviated as PS or P/S,a power supply or PSU (power supply unit) is ahardware component of a computer that supplies all other components with power. The power supply converts a 110-115 or 220-230 volt AC (alternating current) into a steady low-voltage DC (direct current) usable by the computer and rated by the number of watts it generates.

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  • What is the power supply unit of a computer?

  • The power supply unit is the piece of hardware that converts the power provided from the outlet into usable power for the many parts inside the computer case . It converts the alternating current from your wall outlet into a continuous form of power called direct current that the computer components require.

  • What is a a power supply used for?

  • A power supply is a hardware component that supplies power to an electrical device. It receives power from an electrical outlet and converts the current from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current), which is what the computer requires.

  • Is the power supply the most important part of a PC?

  • The power supply and the motherboard are the only PC components that directly connect to almost every other piece of hardware in your system. Because of the unique position of the PSU in the PC鈥檚 layout, making sure it has built-in protection can help keep the rest of your hardware safe as well.

  • What are the different parts of a power supply?

  • There’s also often a power switch and a power supply voltage switch . Large bundles of colored wires extend from the opposite side of the power supply unit into the computer. Connectors at the opposite ends of the wires connect to various components inside the computer to supply them with power.

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