what do you learn in computer science in high school

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Critical thinking

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  • What do you learn in Computer Science a?

  • In Computer Science A, students learn object-oriented programming using Java. Students take on the role of software engineers, and practice skills that are used in the field.

  • Should high school students enroll in computer science classes?

  • Indeed, computer science programs for high school students can prepare teenagers for college and career by introducing transformative life skills. This article will examine the impact of this escalating interest in technology and explore three reasons why high school students should enroll in computer science classes:

  • What is the importance of Computer Science in high school?

  • High School Six different studies show: students who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving, and are more likely to attend college! For high schools, we offer two years computer science courses for beginners: Computer Science Discoveries, and Computer Science Principles.

  • What programming language should I learn to become a computer scientist?

  • A significant portion of your computer science studies will involve programming. You start out by learning high-level, basic languages such as Java and C++.

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