what do you learn computer science degree

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Students in a computer science 鈥?sometimes called CS 鈥?program learncomputational theory,development,application,and design. Courses cover theoretical foundations of computer and web application development. CS students can earn an associate,bachelor’s,master’s,or Ph.D. They often earn specializations,too.

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  • What classes should I take to become a computer scientist?

  • Study.com has its own course if you want to tackle calculus before you start a computer science program: Math 104: Calculus I. Lab Science. You’ll also also gain experience working in a science lab. Many programs recommend taking a physics course, but you may have the option of studying chemistry or biology as well.

  • Do you need a PhD to be a computer scientist?

  • Law says that a Ph.D. degree is typically necessary for research-intensive computer science positions, but many computer science careers are attainable with only a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

  • What are the different levels of Computer Science Education?

  • 1 Associate Degree in Computer Science. 2 Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. 3 Master’s Degree in Computer Science. 4 Ph.D. in Computer Science.

  • What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science?

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science meets entry-level requirements for many coding careers, including software developer or information security analyst. Most bachelor’s programs take four years, but an enrollee with an associate degree or transfer credits can complete the degree in less time.

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