what are three types of computer memory

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Types Of Computer MemoryHard Disk Drive. …Flash Memory. …Tape Drives. …Random Access Memory (RAM)Read Only Memory (ROM) RAM: Th …Direct Rambus DRAM (DRDRAM) 鈥?…Computer Hard Drives. …

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  • How many types of memory are there in computer?

  • The computer memory is classified into three main types; Cache Memory, Primary Memory and Secondary Memory. The Cache memory is the fastest type of memory that acts as a buffer to store temporary data between the processor data memory. It stores the necessary data frequently used by the CPU so that it can easily access it.

  • What are the different types of primary memory?

  • The Primary memory is further classified into the following two types; RAM and ROM. The RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory it is a type of primary memory that stores the information or data temporarily to be used by the processor while the system is running.

  • What are the types of secondary storage memory used in computers?

  • This is the most common type of secondary storage memory used in almost every computer laptop. Examples of magnetic memory are Hard disk, floppy disk magnetic tapes. Magnetic memory can be fixed internally such as hard disks portable or removable such as floppy disk external hard drives which can be connected through a USB port.

  • What is computer memory?

  • Computer memory is an internal or external system that stores data and instructions on a device. It consists of several cells, called memory cells, that each have a unique identification number.

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