what are three types of computer memory

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Types Of Computer MemoryHard Disk Drive. …Flash Memory. …Tape Drives. …Random Access Memory (RAM)Read Only Memory (ROM) RAM: Th …Direct Rambus DRAM (DRDRAM) 鈥?…Computer Hard Drives. …

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  • What is computer memory and its types?

  • Computer memory offers several kinds of storage media some of them can store data temporarily and some of them can store permanently. Memory consists of instructions and the data saved into the computer through the Central Processing Unit (CPU). There are two types of Computer Memory which are described in detail as follows: 1.

  • What are the two types of internal memory?

  • There are two basic types of internal memory called RAM and ROM, and those have their own subsets of memories. 2. RAM Random access memory (RAM) is the primary internal memory of the central processing unit (CPU). Your electronic device uses it for storing temporary data.

  • How many types of primary memory are there?

  • There are two key types of primary memory: 1 RAM, or random access memory 2 ROM, or read-only memory More …

  • How many types of RAM are there?

  • RAM is of two types: S RAM (Static RAM): It uses transistors and the circuits of this memory are capable of retaining their state as long as the power is applied. This memory consists of the number of flip flops with each flip flop storing 1 bit.

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