should you get a phd in computer science

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  • Does a PhD in computer science include coursework?

  • Doctorate programs include coursework and research that culminate in a final dissertation. How do I get a PhD in Computer Science? To enter a Ph.D. program, you must hold at least a bachelor鈥檚 degree in the field, though a master鈥檚 degree is usually preferable.

  • How many people get PhDs in Computer Science each year?

  • The Taulbee Survey estimates more than 1,834 graduates earned Ph.D.s in computer science in the 2016-17 academic year 鈥?more than ever before. This represents a 1.2% increase over the previous year. That said, the total number of doctoral degrees awarded in the 2016-17 academic year increased by 5.2% over the previous year.

  • Is a master’s degree in Computer Science worth it?

  • Master’s degrees in computer science remain in high demand. According to Forbes, the National Association of Colleges and Employers ranked a computer science master’s as the third-most desired degree by employers in 2015. Graduate programs in computer science vary across schools.

  • How do I become a computer science professor?

  • To graduate, students must program and document a program product, compose a professional-quality technical document, and pass a comprehensive exam. Computer science faculty conduct research in areas including autonomous and cyber-physical systems, human-computer interaction, and medical image analysis.

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