is distributed computing worth it

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  • What is the main goal of distributed system?

  • The main goal of a distributed system is to make it easy for users to acces remote resourses and to share them with others in a controlled way. It is cheaper to le a printer be shared by several users than buying and maintaining printers for each user.

  • How are resources discovered and identified in a distributed computation environment?

  • Resources discovery/identification in a grid and distributed computation environment is complicated due to the heterogeneous, dynamic nature of the network with the RM policies (Murugan Lopez, 2011 ). Authors have explored resource discovery mechanisms such as an agent-based, knowledge-driven approach, Gnutella protocol, and broker-based schemes.

  • What is the difference between volunteer computing and grid computing?

  • If your definition of ‘Grid computing’ encompasses all distributed computing (which is silly – there’s already a perfectly good term for that) then volunteer computing is a type of Grid computing.

  • What are the advantages of computing power in science?

  • This computing power enables scientific research that could not be done otherwise. This advantage will increase over time, because the laws of economics dictate that consumer products such as PCs and game consoles will advance faster than more specialized products, and that there will be more of them.

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