is distributed computing worth it

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Distributed computing isuseful for companies of all sizes. Distributed infrastructures can handle pending tasks in a practical, flexible, and cost-effective way.

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  • What is the difference between distributed system and distributed computing?

  • A distributed system is a networked collection of independent machines that can collaborate remotely to achieve one goal. In contrast, distributed computing is the cloud-based technology that enables this distributed system to operate, collaborate, and communicate. Why do we need distributed computing?

  • What are the applications of distributed computing in the world?

  • Google Maps and Google Earth also leverage distributed computing for their services. Distributed computing methods and architectures are also used in email and conferencing systems, airline and hotel reservation systems as well as libraries and navigation systems.

  • What are the disadvantages of distributed computing?

  • Despite its many advantages, distributed computing also has some disadvantages, such as the higher cost of implementing and maintaining a complex system architecture. In addition, there are timing and synchronization problems between distributed instances that must be addressed.

  • Are distributed systems more cost effective than centralized systems?

  • Distributed systems are much more cost effective compared to very large centralized systems. Their initial cost is higher than standalone systems, but only up to a certain point after which they are more about economies of scale. A distributed system made up of many mini computers can be more cost effective than a mainframe machine.

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