is computer programming a good major

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  • What programming language should a computer science major learn?

  • By the end of your degree, you should be very confident in programming in C++ and similar languages, such as Java. Some colleges also teach students how to code in Python, PHP, or JavaScript, but since the conceptual requirements of a computer science degree are so demanding, most colleges expect students to learn to program on their own time.

  • Is now a good time to get a computer programming degree?

  • The need for computer programming degree graduates is higher than ever. At any given time, there are more jobs posted for software developers than there are qualified candidates. 1 This means that now is a great time to consider earning your computer programming degree.

  • Is computer science a good major for You?

  • Even if you don鈥檛 see yourself becoming a researcher, computer science could still be a good choice. Career paths in the field span industries from fashion to information technology, with jobs available in data science, software engineering, application development and more.

  • What is the most important skill for a computer programmer?

  • Therefore, being comfortable working logically and in an organized way is important for a computer programmer. If you are ready to take on the challenge of earning your computer programming degree, join us at Grand Canyon University for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming.

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