is computer masculine or feminine in italian

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Computersare the plural form of computers. What Is The Plural Of Italian? The plural form of Italianis Italian, and it was spoken before the European settlement.

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  • Do all nouns in Italian have gender?

  • She also hosts the 30 Minute Italian podcast. When you start learning Italian grammar, you鈥檒l hear one concept often: Everything in Italian must agree in gender and number. All nouns in Italian have a gender ( il genere); that is, they are either masculine or feminine, even those referring to things, qualities, or ideas.

  • Is the word radio masculine or feminine in Italian?

  • Depending on the ending, the following are masculine: Nouns ending in -o: il libro, il prezzo, il quadro, il vaso, il muro. There are not many instances in which nouns ending in -o are feminine: la mano, la radio, la dinamo, la moto, l’auto, la foto, la virago, la biro.

  • What is a maschile in Italian grammar?

  • In Italian, all nouns, articles, pronouns and adjectives have a gender maschile (masculine) and femminile (feminine). To help you brush up on these basic grammatical terms, here is a quick recap: Nouns 鈥?Generally speaking, this is anything you can place a/an or the in front of. This could be a place, idea, animal, thing, event, or person.

  • Are nouns that end in o masculine or feminine in Italian?

  • Italians nouns therefore cannot be neutre, they are either feminine or masculine. While, singular nouns that end with 鈥?O are masculine, and in the plural form they change to end in -I:

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