how to write a computer program

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  • What are the steps in writing a program?

  • The general steps for writing a program include the following: Understand the problem you are trying to solve. Design a solution. Draw a flow chart. Write pseudo-code. Write code. Test and debug. Test with real-world users.

  • How do you write code on a computer?

  • Almost all programs are written in text editors and then compiled to run on computers. While you can use programs like Notepad or TextEdit, it is highly recommended that you download a syntax-highlighting editor such as Notepad++ JEdit, or Sublime Text. This will make your code much easier to visually parse.

  • What do you need to learn in computer programming?

  • Home鈥? 鈥? How to write computer programs You only need to learn five things to write computer programs: Variables, which are named boxes to put information in Operators, which do things to pieces of information, like add them together, subtract them, multiply them and so-on

  • What is the best way to get started with programming?

  • Try putting together your ideas to form a working program. Start with simple things, like a program to convert currencies, and work your way up to more complex things as you continue reading and learning about your programming language. Learn another language.

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