how to transfer music from old ipod to computer

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Here is how to transfer music from old iPod to computer and change the library structure on the way:Download and install CopyTransfrom the download page. Refer to the Installation guide if necessary. Run CopyTrans and connect your iPod to the PC. Wait until your music library is loaded. Click the Classic mode button.

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  • How to transfer music from iPod to Windows 10?

  • Double-click to open the Music folder, select the songs that you want to move and copy them to your computer Windows 10. By the way, you can follow the similar steps on the above to transfer documents, videos and pictures from iPod to computer.

  • How do I transfer my iPod Classic to a new computer?

  • iPod Classic Know what you can and can’t do. Start iTunes on the new computer. Press and hold Shift + Ctrl (Windows) or Command + Option (Mac) and connect your iPod via USB. Enable hidden files in your operating system. Open the iPod’s drive on your computer. Open iTunes. Click the Edit or iTunes menu and select Preferences.

  • How do I transfer purchased tracks from one iPod to another?

  • Transferring Purchased Tracks (All iPod Devices) Know what will be transferred. Open iTunes on the new computer. Click the Store menu and select Authorize Computer. Enter your Apple ID and password and click .Authorize. Connect the iPod to the new computer. Select .Transfer Purchases from the dialog box that appears.

  • How to copy songs from iPod to Dropbox?

  • Open Dropbox on your iPod after the download and installation, and sign in the account to access it. Next, duplicate the iPod songs you need to the location of the Dropbox. Step 2. Download Dropbox installer on computer, and start the tool after the installation. Then click the folder to find the songs stored there.

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