how to transfer music from computer to moto g power

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  • How to transfer music from Moto G (7) power to computer?

  • The moto g (7) power is listed under the Portable Devices section. If the music files are stored on the memory card, navigate: moto g (7) power SD card then choose the location of the files. Utilize the computer to copy music files from the music folder to the desired location on the computer’s hard drive.

  • How do I transfer music from my Motorola to my computer?

  • Select the Music folder on top of the menu and click All Music on the left column. Then you’ll see the songs on the right panel. Tick those you want to sync and click Export or Import to transfer them between your Motorola cell phone and personal computer.

  • How do I transfer music from PC to Android phone?

  • 1. Attach the USB cable to the phone and to a free USB port on your PC 2. On your PC, select Open folder to view files 3. Open the Media folder 4. Locate and select the music files you wish to transfer to your phone 5. Drag the files in to the Music folder 6.

  • How do I Find my Moto G (7) power cord?

  • then click ‘Open Windows Explorer’ or ‘File Explorer’. . The moto g (7) power is listed under the Portable Devices section. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Connect your phone to a computer using the supplied USB cable. (top) then drag to the bottom.

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