how to transfer embroidery designs from computer to machine

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Go to the folder on your computer where you have saved the designsthat you want to transfer to the embroidery machine. Right click on the design that you want to transfer. From the menu hover over the 鈥渟end to鈥?option and select your machine from the list. On your machine,click the computer icon with the data symbol.

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  • How do I transfer my design to my embroidery machine?

  • Now we鈥檙e ready to transfer the design onto our embroidery machine because our USB is loaded and ready to go! Head over to your machine and turn it on. Now look for the USB logo on your machine, here鈥檚 what it looks like on mine: Now for the final step, click the USB logo on the screen of your machine.

  • Do I need a computer to use my embroidery machine?

  • You WILL need an actual computer to use with your embroidery machine. These other devices do not have a USB port for transferring them to your embroidery machine. 4. Once Downloaded you will need to UNZIP or EXTRACT the Embroidery Designs Most embroidery designs will download to your computer ZIPPED.

  • How do I put files on an embroidery machine?

  • Now your files are on the USB stick ready to place into your embroidery machine. If your source files are on another USB stick, the procedure for copying is basically the same. Set up two windows on your screen, one for the source files and one for the USB stick destination.

  • How to embroider on a Brother Sewing Machine?

  • Drag designs from your folder into the machine鈥檚 window. On the touch screen of your embroidery machine, select the icon that looks like an embroidery hoop. That will open a second screen that is your Embroidery Menu for your machine. From the Embroidery Menu, select the icon that looks like a computer with a data cord symbol.

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