how to stream on twitch on computer

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  • How do I connect my Twitch account to my Stream?

  • Click Connect Account (recommended). It’s the first option below the streaming services drop-down menu. You can also click Use Stream Key and use your Twitch stream key to connect to your Twitch account. To find your stream key, go to and log in to your account. Click your profile image, and click Channel.

  • How to stream on Twitch on MacBook Air?

  • How to Start Streaming on Twitch on PC or Mac. 2. Click your computer’s operating system. If you use PC, click Windows. If you use Mac, click MacOS 10.13+. if you use Linux, click Linux’. 3. Install the Open Broadcast software app. It’s OBS-Studio-25.0.8-Full-Installer-x64.exe on Windows and …

  • Do you need a PC to stream on Twitch?

  • And you don鈥檛 specifically need to be an expert or own a gaming PC/console to stream. You can go live in minutes using Twitch with your mobile device, Mac, or a PC combined with streaming software. This ultimate guide will take you through the detailed process of how to stream on Twitch in 2021.

  • How to go live on Twitch?

  • Alternatively, you can also use Twitch Studio to set up your stream and go live quickly. The platform has a Twitch Studio tutorial that will guide you through the process of setting up your webcam and audio inputs. You can also opt for the Streamlabs OBS software to connect your Twitch account and set up your stream.

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