how to sell a computer

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Selling your Old PCBackup your old PC. If you’re planning to get some cash out of your device, …Secure erase everything on your PC. The next step involves resetting your system to its default …Sell your old PC. Up to this point, you’ve created a full backup, …Wrapping things up. Although there are some steps involved to prepare your old …See More….

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  • How to sell a laptop?

  • Choose the platform on which you want to sell your laptop. Use the information you have gathered to decide on a method for selling your laptop. An alternative is to list your laptop at a high price on a trading website (Eg: eBay) and if it doesn’t sell in the allotted time, then trade it in at a store. Create a good heading for your listing.

  • Why sell your PC through our service?

  • Our service provides all the packaging you’ll need to sell us your PC, plus our courier lets you know the 1hour time window in which your collection will take place. Your data is safe with us.

  • How do I Sell my Old Windows 10 PC?

  • Selling PC Windows 10 1 Backup your old PC. 2 Secure erase everything on your PC. 3 Sell your old PC. 4 Wrapping things up. 5 More Windows 10 resources. See More….

  • How do I prepare my computer for sale?

  • How do I prepare my computer for sale 1 Backup the important files on the computer to another device. 2 Wipe your computer hard drive before selling it. 3 Install Windows OS to get best computer performance. 4 Speed up computer for a hood price. 5 Clean your laptop or PC. 6 Find out the invoice of your computer. See More….

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