how to reset computer windows 7

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  • How to factory reset Windows 7?

  • How to Factory Reset Windows 7. There are a few ways to perform a Windows 7 factory reset: With a Windows 7 installation DVD or an external hard drive that has the operating system files on it. This will erase everything on the computer and restore only the files that come with a new Windows 7 installation. Use a recovery disc or partition that …

  • How to reset computer without disc in Windows 7?

  • Reset Computer without Disc Windows 7 1 Turn off your computer and make sure everything except for the monitor, … 2 Click the Start button and turn on it again. 3 When the computer logo appears on the screen, you need to press and hold the F8 key to open … 4 Go ahead to choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt … See More….

  • How to reset Windows 7 to default settings?

  • Start your computer and continuously click the key necessary to startup the screen. Now boot into the Recovery Manager or the recovery partition as the case may be. Follow the screen guidelines and return Windows 7 to its default settings.

  • How to perform System Restore in Windows 7?

  • Click Start button of Windows 7. Choose Control Panel in the pop-up window. Next, choose Recovery to continue. In the pop-up window, choose Advanced recovery methods under System Restore section to continue. Next, you are required to choose the Reinstall Windows (requires Windows Installation Disc) to continue.

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