how to remove a gmail account from a computer

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How to delete your Gmail accountOn your computer,go to Google Account SettingsSelect 鈥楧ata and Personalization鈥?On the page that appears,scroll down until you get 鈥楧ownload鈥?鈥楧elete鈥?or 鈥楳ake a plan for your account鈥?Select 鈥楧elete a service or your account鈥? …Go to the next page and select 鈥楧elete a service鈥?as well.More items…

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  • How do I Delete my Gmail account?

  • Click on the trashcan icon next to Gmail to delete your Gmail account. 8. You will be required to enter an email address that is different from the one you want to close. The email should be entered in the google dialog box under 鈥榟ow to sign in.

  • How do I Delete my Google account from my computer?

  • How to delete Google account from PC. Open in Chrome browser. -Click Manage your data personalisation you will find under Privacy personalisation. -Scroll down and you will see 鈥楧ownload, delete, or make a plan for your data鈥? -Select the 鈥楧elete a service or your account鈥?option.

  • How do I remove a device from my Gmail account?

  • Log into your Gmail account. Select Menu My Account Sign-in Security Device Activity Notifications. Under Recently Reviewed Devices, select Review Devices. Select the appropriate device for which you want to remove your Gmail account. Click Remove, and then confirmation popup to complete the process.

  • How to manage your Gmail account?

  • Step 1: Log into your Google account. Step 2: Go to the Google dashboard. Click on your personal Google account icon and select 鈥淢anage your Google Account鈥? Step 3: Select Gmail from your services menu. Select 鈥淒ata personalization鈥?from the menu on the left. Next, scroll to 鈥淭hings you create and do鈥?

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