how to read computer code

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  • How do you read binary code?

  • How to Understand Binary Code. 1 Step 1: How to Translate Binary. The key to reading binary is separating the code into groups of usually 8 digits and knowing that each 1 or 0 … 2 Step 2: Interesting and Cool Facts. 3 Be the First to Share. 4 Recommendations.

  • What does writing code tell the computer?

  • The short answer is that writing code tells the computer what to do, but it鈥檚 not quite that simple. So here鈥檚 the longer answer. A computer can only understand two distinct types of data: on and off.

  • How can I read and understand someone else’s code?

  • The best way I鈥檝e ever discovered to read and understand someone else鈥檚 code is to: 1. Find one thing you know the code does, and trace those actions backward, starting at the end. Say, for example, you know that the code you鈥檙e viewing ultimately creates a file with a list of movie titles.

  • How does computer coding work?

  • How Coding Works. Anything that a computer can do is nothing more than a unique combination of some transistors turned on and some transistors turned off. Binary code is the representation of these combinations as 1s and 0s, where each digit represents one transistor. Binary code is grouped into bytes, groups of 8 digits representing 8 transistors.

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