how to read computer code

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  • Is it possible to read computer code?

  • The computer code must also be clear enough that other programmers can read and understand it. In spite of those similarities, MIT neuroscientists have found that reading computer code does not activate the regions of the brain that are involved in language processing.

  • What is computer code?

  • Computer code consists of statements put together by a high level language, often known as source code.. There are many different languages and programming paradigms used to achieve different tasks with a computer. Write Computer Code.

  • How can I read and understand someone else’s code?

  • The best way I鈥檝e ever discovered to read and understand someone else鈥檚 code is to: 1. Find one thing you know the code does, and trace those actions backward, starting at the end. Say, for example, you know that the code you鈥檙e viewing ultimately creates a file with a list of movie titles.

  • How is binary code used in a computer?

  • Typical modern computers use binary for everything. The values of 1 and 0 represent higher and lower voltage in its RAM, which then reads the system鈥檚 logic circuit. Outside of computers, the binary code can be used as a coded language using ASCII. However, when programmers refer to binary coding, it is always in the base 2 system.

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