how to prevent computer viruses

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  • What is computer virus and how to prevent it?

  • Computer virus is a software program that can spread from one computer to another computer or one network to another network without the user鈥檚 knowledge. It causing potential harm to a computer鈥檚 data, files and hard drive. In this post we will discuss the best tips for prevention of computer virus attack and other malicious attacks. 2.

  • How to protect your computer from malware?

  • 1. Use Quality Antivirus and AntiMalware Protection There are lots of free antivirus and antimalware programs available. But remember the old saying, 鈥淵ou get what you pay for鈥?when it comes to software.

  • What are the different ways of computer virus attack?

  • Computer viruses are disguised as different ways such as hyperlinks, pop-ups, email attachments, images, audio or video files. Here we have discussed the best ways for prevention of computer virus attack are as follows:

  • How do you stop a virus from replicating?

  • Viruses are built to replicate themselves. If a virus is on your drive, it might be automatically installing itself on any media connected to the system. That means anytime someone uses a flash drive or external drive, the virus takes advantage of autorun. If you disable autorun on Windows, that鈥檒l stop some viruses from spreading.

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