how to prank someone on their computer

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Thetape something to the bottom of their computer mouse,rendering it temporarily unusable prank You can just use a piece of tape if you want,or you can tape a picture of yourself on there. This good prank has lots of room for customization.

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  • What are some cool computer pranks to do?

  • The 10 Most Ridiculously Awesome Geeky Computer Pranks Make the Space Key Write the Word SPACE. Here鈥檚 a clever prank for you: Make the victim鈥檚 computer actually type the… Pretend to Install Linux on a Windows User鈥檚 PC with a Live CD. This one can鈥檛 be simpler鈥攋ust find somebody at work who… …

  • How to stop pranksters on Windows 10?

  • If you want to stop the prank, just move your mouse pointer to the top-left corner of your screen. This prank can make the victim believe that their computer is infected, and it is downloading unwanted files from all kind of crappy sites.

  • How do you prank someone with a space bar?

  • Disclaimer: Get a sense of humor. Here鈥檚 a clever prank for you: Make the victim鈥檚 computer actually type the word 鈥淪PACE鈥?every time they hit the space bar. They鈥檒l be lost trying to figure out what on earth is going on, and it couldn鈥檛 be simpler.

  • Is it OK to prank a friend on PC?

  • All pranks are simple and do not harm the functionality of the PC. If your friend has a good sense of humor, he will appreciate your joke. But do not forget that if you prank a friend or colleague with an animated fly on the screen, they can take revenge on you in the same way.

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