how to move keepass from one computer to another

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All KeePass data is in one file – database.kdb. All you need to do iscreate the file once,then copy it to the other machine. After that you can change either copy and use the KeePass Import function to synchronise the data,e.g any changes made on the laptop can be imported to the desktop by selecting the laptop file as the import source.

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  • How do I move my KeePass account to a new computer?

  • Install the latest version of KeePass 1.x obtained from the KeePass download page on your new computer. Copy or restore your 1.x password database file (.kdb) to a folder in your Documents directory (e.g. create a folder called ‘KeePass’ in Documents).

  • How to transfer data between KeePass 1 x databases?

  • If you want to transfer data between KeePass 1.x databases, you must not change the default export options of KeePass. Do not export additional fields or uncheck any options, otherwise KeePass will not be able to re-import the CSV file, because it does not comply to the specification above any more.

  • How do I import a KeePass file to Pleasant Password Server?

  • Run KeePass for Pleasant Password Server and log in to your server (use an administrator account to ensure full database access). Click Import from the File menu. Choose the file format you wish to import (same as what you exported to in the previous section).

  • What does the KeePass icon mean?

  • when you double click keepass, it is openning the .kdbx file which is the file that holds all of your passwords encrypted. the icon is just automatically tries to open the last file you opened that’s it. A .kdb file is a KeePass 1.x password database.

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