how to monitor computers snmp traps

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To use the trap reception console, go toMonitoring SNMP SNMP Console, where you may take a look at the list of TRAPs which have been received so far. There is an eye-shaped icon which displays all the trap information. You can learn any detailed information regarding SNMP traps there.

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  • How does the monitor SNMP trap activity work?

  • The Monitor SNMP Trap activity waits for an event to occur either in the Microsoft SNMP Trap Service, or on a port that you specify. Using filters, you can invoke your runbooks according to the device that raised the event or the enterprise, generic, or specific identifiers of the SNMP trap.

  • What is an SNMP message?

  • SNMP messages, also known as 鈥減rotocol data units鈥?(PDUs), are the requests and responses exchanged between the SNMP manager and the SNMP agents. They can take one of seven forms: Trap: A trap is an alert message鈥攆or example, a trap might alert the SNMP manager to the failure of a device.

  • How do I disable the Microsoft SNMP trap service?

  • If you select the No dependency option, type the communication port number that will be monitored for SNMP traps. If you select port 162, the Microsoft SNMP Trap Service must be disabled because it uses the same port when it runs. Select to specify the IP address of the device where the event originates.

  • What happens to the SNMP agent when the device is down?

  • For instance, if the device experiences a fatal issue shutting down the entire device, the SNMP agent can no longer work either (and no SNMP trap will be sent out). SNMP traps are sent out in a particular format, showing a time, an identifier, and a value. The time shows when the error occurred.

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