how to make your computer run quieter

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Disable Unnecessary ProcessesAnother way to make your computer run quieter is to disable unnecessary processes. At any given time,there are probably dozens of processes running in the background of your computer. And the more processes that run,the harder your computer will have to work.

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  • How do I Make my PC quieter?

  • Complete guide to making your PC quieter. Stop, relax and take deep breaths. If shutting down your PC, and bringing a halt to its grinding whirrs, hisses and juddering clicks, ever gives you the same sense of relief as finishing a gym session, then it’s time to drag your PC to the sound doctor.

  • How do I Stop my Computer from making noise when running?

  • Move the computer – The location of a computer can make a difference. For example, if you have the computer on the top of your desk, try moving it below the desk. Loose screws – Loose screws especially on fans can cause increased noise while the computer is running.

  • How to make a hard drive quieter without replacing it?

  • To lower the noise volume of a hard drive without replacing it, enclose the hard drive in a case can make it quieter. However, keep in mind that many hard drive enclosures also have fans that increase the noise of the computer.

  • Will a bigger fan make my computer quieter?

  • Tip: If the computer has the available space, installing a bigger fan will move more air with slower speeds making the noise level lower. There are also fans available that adjust their speed according to the heat, which means if the computer is not hot it will lower the speed of the fan making the computer quieter.

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