how to make quicktime player record computer audio

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In the QuickTime Player app on your Mac,choose File New Audio Recording.Click the Options pop-up menu,then choose any of the following recording options: Microphone: Choose a microphone (if you have more than one available). Quality: Choose the recording quality. …Adjust the volume control to hear the audio you鈥檙e recording.Click the Record button to start recording; click the Stop button when you鈥檙e done (or use the Touch Bar ). …Choose File Save to save and name the recording. You can also choose a location where you want to save it. …

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  • How to record QuickTime screen recording with audio?

  • Open QuickTime Player from Finder or Application folder. When you launch QuickTime, click File on the top menu bar. Choose New Movie Recording from its drop-down menu. Step 2: Manage settings of QuickTime screen recording with audio Find and click the small down arrow icon near the Record icon.

  • How to record audio in Windows 10?

  • Right click on the app icon in the Dock if you are on a Mac. You will see 鈥淣ew Audio Recording鈥?as an option. Click this option to open the audio recording box. Alternatively, you can go up to 鈥淔ile鈥? 鈥淣ew Audio Recording鈥? On a Windows, Choose 鈥淔ile鈥? 鈥淣ew Audio Recording鈥?

  • How do I use QuickTime on my computer?

  • QuickTime allows you to easily use your computer’s built-in microphone or an external one to record. You can then edit and save your recording for listening. Download and install QuickTime. If you鈥檙e on a Windows computer you can download and install QuickTime from Apple’s website.

  • How to record screen and audio on Mac?

  • Step 1. Open the QuickTime app on your Mac. Step 2. Click on File and then select New Screen Recording or New Audio Recording in the drop-down menu, depending on what you want to do. If you’re going to record audio and video at the same time, just select Screen Recording. Step 3.

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