how to lock the computer screen

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  • How do I lock the screen on my Windows 10 computer?

  • Way 1. Keyboard Lock Windows 10. The easiest way to lock Windows 10 computer screen is to use the keyboard lock. You can press the Windows logo key and L key on the keyboard at the same time to easily lock Windows 10 screen. If you鈥檝e created a user password in Windows 10, you can enter your password to log in Windows 10 again.

  • How to lock my computer with the lock button?

  • How to Lock My Computer with the Lock Button 1 Step 1. Press the Windows logo key from the keypad. It will pop up the Start menu. 2 Step 2. Now choose the profile name, and click on Lock button from the top most options. See More….

  • How to lock computer in screen saver settings?

  • Way 2: Lock computer through Ctrl+Alt+Del options. Press Ctrl, Alt and Del at the same time, and then select Lock from the options. Way 3: Lock computer in Screen Saver Settings.

  • How to lock Windows 10 comptuer?

  • 1 Part 2 1: Lock Windows 10 Comptuer with Window’s Logo Key 3 Part 2: Lock Your Windows 10 Comptuer using ‘Ctrl+ Alt + Delete’ 4 Part 3: Lock Your Windows Computer with ‘Lock’ Button 5 Part 4: Create Shortcut on Desktop to Lock Windows 10 Screen More …

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