how to import all photos from iphone to computer

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  • How to import photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC?

  • You can import photos to your PC by connecting your device to your computer and using Windows Photos app: Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes on your PC. Importing photos to your PC requires iTunes 12.5.1 or later. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your PC with a USB cable.

  • How to import photos from iPhone to MacBook Air?

  • Open the Photos app. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all the photos and videos that are on your connected device. If the Import screen doesn’t automatically appear, click the device’s name in the Photos sidebar. If asked, unlock your iOS device using your passcode.

  • How do I transfer photos from my phone to my computer?

  • Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your PC can鈥檛 find the device if the device is locked. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app. Select Import From a USB device, then follow the instructions.

  • How do I import pictures and videos from my iPhone?

  • It’s on the right of the pop-up window. Select the pictures you want to import and click Continue. All the items that are selected will have a checkmark in the top-right of the preview image. You can click Select All at the top to select all the pictures and video. Click Import. This will begin importing the images and videos from the iPhone.

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