how to hide computer cables

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Hide Cables withFoam Pipe InsulationHide the mess of gadget cables tangled up near the power strip with a piece of inexpensive foam pipe insulation. Just cut the insulation to size,slice down the length,stow your cables inside and pull out the ends through the slit.

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  • How to hide network cables at the back of furniture?

  • You can hook and hide network cables at the back of your furniture in several ways; however, the most efficient manner is utilizing a Cord Clip. In case you don鈥檛 know, a Cord Clip or a Command Cord Clip is a tool that offers the most minimalist approach of organizing cords and wires of electronic devices.

  • How can I hide wires without cabling or boxes?

  • This is a project from the amazing blog Swoonworthy, and it鈥檚 ingenious if you have a little DIY skill. Simply adding a fake wall using cardboard painted the same as the wall means that you can hide a load of wires without any type of cabling or boxing in needed.

  • How do I organize my computer cables?

  • Learn more… An inexpensive and great way to keep computer cables organized is to use squeeze-type paper clips, also known as binder or bulldog clips. These are the black clips with two chrome wire handles that you squeeze and open, to put over a large pile of paper.

  • How do I get rid of cables on my computer?

  • You have a few options here: Switch to wireless devices: If you have a mouse, keyboard, or other peripherals that come in wireless varieties, you can eliminate cables entirely by switching to Bluetooth models.

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