how to get dust out of computer case

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  • How to clean dust out of a laptop?

  • 4. Blow the dust out. Dirt and dust can be easily removed from a keyboard with the help of a common hair dryer. You can also use it to blow the dust out of a system unit: Unplug your PC, and pull the wires out. Remove the side walls of the case with a screwdriver. Blow the unit only with cold air.

  • How to clean the bottom of a computer case?

  • Use your compressed air can to blow out any loose dust particles. You can also use a cotton swab to clean the fan by rubbing the swab against the blades to stick the dust particles. It鈥檚 a little tedious, but it makes for a nice, clean fan in the end. The bottom of your case will undoubtedly have dust buildup.

  • What’s the best way to prevent dust from entering a PC case?

  • Old pantyhose and nylon socks work well, and you can cut and stretch them to fit as needed. Whatever you use, just remember to clean them every now and then, otherwise the dust buildup on the outside will prevent cool air from entering your case. If you smoke, avoiding lighting up inside your house, especially anywhere near your PC.

  • How to clean a computer without damaging it?

  • 2 鈥?Since there will be dust flying everywhere it is best to carry the computer outside for cleaning. 3 鈥?Place the computer on a sturdy, flat surface and remove the side panel. 4 鈥?Blow the dust out of the inside of the computer case.

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