how to fix crackling computer speakers

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Try These Methods [MiniTool News]Method 1: Change the Sound Format. To solve the 鈥渓aptop speakers crackling鈥?issue,the first method you can try is to change the sound format.Method 2: Run the Audio Troubleshooter. There is a powerful built-in feature in Windows 10 that you can use to fix a lot of errors 鈥?Windows Troubleshooter.Method 3: Disable All Enhancements and Exclusive Mode. Another method to fix the 鈥渓aptop speakers crackling鈥?error is to disable all enhancements and exclusive mode.Method 4: Update Your Audio Driver. The final method to fix the 鈥渓aptop speakers crackling鈥?error is to update your audio drivers. …Bottom Line. This post has listed 4 wonderful methods for you to get rid of the 鈥渓aptop speakers crackling鈥?error,so if you are suffering this problem,try the methods …

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  • How do I fix the crackling sound on my computer?

  • Click the 鈥淎dvanced鈥?tab and use the Default Format box to select your sound quality level. Try setting your audio quality to 鈥?6 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)鈥? Click 鈥淥K鈥?afterwards and see if the crackling or other audio problems continue. This change can fix some audio problems.

  • Why do my speakers crackle when I play music?

  • Check your speakers for appropriate connection if you鈥檝e started listening to music on your PC and there鈥檚 a lot of noise. Popping and crackling sounds in speakers are frequently the result of faulty cable connections. Make sure your PC鈥檚 speaker cord is firmly and completely inserted. Try a different speaker wire if the 3.5mm pin is loose.

  • How to fix a crackling sound from a foam surround?

  • Lack of foam can create the crackling sound too. Solution: Having a deteriorated foam surround can be repaired quite easily with the help of a speaker re-cone kit. This solution makes perfect sense only if you own expensive speakers as repairing it isn鈥檛 too cheap either.

  • Is Your Windows 10 audio crackling or popping?

  • It is common for you to come across the error Windows 10 audio crackling or popping or other problems. The Windows 10 audio crackling error may be caused by a lot of reasons. This post from MiniTool will show you how to fix the error crackling audio Windows 10.

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