how to connect phone to computer with usb

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How to Connect a Phone to a Computer Using a Mini USBLocate the mini-USB port on your phone. This is usually found on the left or right side of the phone, so look there before checking the top or bottom.Use a standard size mini-USB to connect the phone to the computer. …Install drivers.A status window will pop up once your OS has found suitable drivers.Install any relevant software.See More….

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  • How do I connect my Android device to my computer?

  • When you see the Welcome screen, please connect your Android device to the PC using your USB cable. Your phone may prompt you to allow permissions with this computer. If this is the case, tap ‘OK / Allow’. Your device may also ask what function you would like to do with the computer (Charging Only, File Transfer, etc…).

  • How to connect mobile internet to PC via USB cable?

  • Choose the Share phone network via USB option. Right after that, your PC or laptop will detect the sharing of data via USB. So, wasn鈥檛 it simple to learn how to connect mobile internet to PC via a USB cable? You need to know one thing. The options that you have to select might differ from device to device.

  • Why can’t I connect my phone to my PC using USB?

  • If you’re having issues with connecting your phone and your PC using a USB connection, please see our trouble-shooting hints here… Turn off WiFi on your Android phone, relaunch both Droid Transfer and the Transfer Companion app and then attempt to connect again. Disable mobile data on your Android device while using Droid Transfer, …

  • How do I connect my iPhone to my computer with USB-C?

  • If the cable isn鈥檛 compatible with the port on your computer, do one of the following: If your iPhone came with a Lightning to USB Cable and your computer has a USB-C port, connect the USB end of the cable to a USB-C to USB Adapter (sold separately), or use a USB-C to Lightning Cable (sold separately).

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